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Affiliate Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Brianna Oberg

Brianna pretty in pink before her Mud Run.    

Brianna, after! You wouldn't know that tutu was pink once!!

Brianna is a new addition to our Race Committee this year! After running it in 2011, Brianna is ready to see the Race from a different perspective this year. Thank you for everything Brianna!!

Komen: Why did you get involved with Komen Florida Suncoast?

Brianna: I wanted to make a difference in my local community.

Komen: What is your job on the Race Committee? What will you be doing on Race Day?

Brianna: I am serving on the Committee as the Secretary, so I am taking minutes for every meeting. Since their won’t be any need to take minutes at the Race, I will be helping in the Team Village, hopefully helping the teams who earned a space to get settled and enjoy themselves.

Komen:  Since you ran the Race last year, what was your favorite part?

Brianna: I loved seeing all the survivors from different years of survivorship standing together and proving that the battle against breast cancer can and will be won.

Komen: That’s one of our favorite parts too! What are you most looking forward to about this year’s Race?

Brianna: I can’t wait to see the excitement and energy during all the survivor activities.

In case you missed last week's volunteer spotlight, here's Evelyn Silverthorn, our Volunteer Chair!

Evelyn (left) with her friends at the 2011 Race for the Cure

Volunteer Spotlight: Evelyn Silverthorn


Evelyn Silverthorn is our Volunteer Chair at this year’s Race. Spunky and energizing, Evelyn has been a great volunteer for our Race Planning Committee. Thank you for all your hard work, Evelyn!

If you are interested in volunteering at the Race for the Cure on October 6th, check out our volunteer opportunities at: If you have any questions, send your emails to Thanks!

Komen: Why did you get involved with Komen Florida Suncoast?

Evelyn: My family and I relocated to Florida and I wanted to stay involved with Komen. Many of my friends and family members have been affected by breast cancer, so it is a cause that is close to my heart.

Komen: What is your role in planning the Race for the Cure?

Evelyn: I am the Volunteer Chair, so it is my job to engage community organizations and individuals in the Race. The Race couldn’t happen without volunteers, and there are so many different kinds of jobs to be done. I try and help find the right fit for volunteers so that they have a great Race experience.

Komen: What is your favorite part of the Race?

Evelyn: I love seeing just how many people come out on Race day! Seeing Race participants, survivors, and kids having a great time and working towards such an important cause it really rewarding!

Komen: What is the hardest part of Race Day?

Evelyn: Honestly, nothing! There is so much energy at the Race, you just drink your coffee and go!

Komen: Ok, I bet I know the answer to this one, but what is the easiest part of Race Day? =)

Evelyn: Everything is! The Race is like a well-oiled machine. Everything runs so smoothly and I look forward to being there! There is so much joy at the Race it just makes everything easy.